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Pre Occupancy Services
Agreement of Sale

Agreement of Sale will be made at the Head/Site Office between the First Party namely VSD Homes LLP herein after called the Vendor and the Second party the Customer herein after called Vendee. The process of agreement will take place between the two parties as per the firm’s procedure.


The registration will be done in favour of the customer once the full payment is received by the company from the customer.


The plans are finalized keeping in view the latest trends which suit different segments of people however the firm accepts any small changes as per the customer’s request on payment of minimal charge.

Payment Schedule:

The payment schedules are well defined and explained to the customer in advance, before buying of the flat.

Possession Process:

The process of possession is the final stage in the buying process of a flat by the customer. Once all the work in a flat is completed it is then ready for occupation. For taking possession, the customer has to come to the Head office and obtain an official possession letter by signing a duplicate copy of the same. The possession letter clearly indicates details regarding the completion of the flat and all its aspects.

Handing Over:

The possession process enables the customer to occupy his/her flat. Upon handing over of the flat to a customer the company collects a satisfactory letter from the customer.

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